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Questions about the AnalyzeMe Mobile Application

What will AnalyzeMe do?

This application will sit in the background of your phone and monitor how you use your phone. It will be on all the time but it will not interfere with your usage at all.

If you have an iphone please use this application as your internet browser instead of Safari.

Do I need to register

Yes. When you have first downloaded the application, please open it and enter the email address and create a password. This email address will allow us to link this phone to you.

Will it use up my battery?

The application will have very little effect on the battery on your phone.

Will it use up my data allowance?

The application will send a tiny amount of data each day over the internet – this is less than 3kb at a time so you won’t notice an impact on your data allowance. Although this is only a small amount but we recommend you have a data plan on your phone, otherwise your network provider will charge you.

Who can I contact if I have a problem?

In the first instance please contact

Do I need to leave my phone on?

You should do whatever you normally do with your phone. Please don’t change anything.

Iphone users should use the Mobile Connect app as their main browser.

How will I know whether it is working?

On Android and Blackberry phones you will see a small blue circle at the top of the screen that indicates the application is running.
On iphone you will see AnalyzeMe listed if you double click the home key – this shows you all apps that are running.
There are no obvious indicators on Windows Mobile phones.
We will be able to tell whether you have downloaded the application and whether it is working properly and we’ll contact you if there are any issues.

Software Versions

The application will only work on specific versions of each mobile phone platform. See below to find out how to recognize your software version.

How do I check with version of Blackberry software I have?

From the Home screen go to Options.
Select About on the Device Options screen. You should see the model number and then the BlackBerry OS version below it.

How do I check the version of Android on my phone?

Starting from your home screen, press Menu > Settings (or find settings in your app drawer/dock) > About Phone (scroll all the way down, it’s the last option).

Then you should see a screen like this that shows the android version (in this case 2.2)

Android ScreenShot

How do I check which version of Windows Mobile I have?

This may vary for different phones but try Start > Settings > System > About.
Here you will see a screen with three tabs – the first includes the Version.

How do I check which version of iphone I have?

If your iphone can take videos then it will support AnalyzeMe (only the 3GS, 4 and 4S have video capability)